Music Spotlight

My Personal Playlist of Folk Music:

Most of these artists are based in North Carolina, my home state. I would like to particularly shoutout the Carolina Chocolate Drops. They are a group of black musicians who have been reclaiming Southern folk music.

Gun Totin’, God Fearin’, Hippies:

This is a playlist I started after discovering the long history of socialism and liberalism in country music. A lot of notable country singers grew up in rural areas that benefitted from FDR’s socialist policies. This has resulted in an interesting history of music, not often talked about in commercial country music. Johnny Cash did a rendition of “If I Had a Hammer,” which is a pro-communist country song that debuted during a communist party meeting in 1949. Cash was also a notable advocate of prison reform. I have added a few notable feminist country anthems. There are a lot of badass country women who have attempted to destroy the patriarchy head-on. I hope to expand this playlist in the future. Here is a list of modern political songs and an interesting account of Johnny Cash’s political leanings.